Wonda World's commercial projects are uniquely positioned to serve Ghana's residents and visitors on multiple levels. The firm focuses on commercial mixed-use buildings to maximize space throughout the country and ultimately provide convenience for those working, living, and playing in a single area. Both current and future projects retain an ever-evolving outlook on the way we live our lives. Wonda World is committed to making the best vision an ultimate reality.

Wonda World thinks outside the box to create commercial ventures that improve every aspect of life for the target consumer. With projects planned throughout Accra and beyond, the impact will certainly become greater.



Wonda World's national scope examines Ghana from every angle, including both the public and private sectors. The firm analyzes the national demand to determine what development projects should be executed next. National projects aren't meant to service only high-income individuals and international visitors; they explore what can help low and middle-income citizens as well. Though most business is currently conducted in Accra, the scope for national projects extends into every region of the country.

As a large, successful firm, Wonda World believes in its responsibility to continue to provide developmental projects that are truly useful to all people living and working in Ghana.



Industrialization is extremely important as Ghana's economy grows. Not only is there a need for new manufacturing hubs and factories, but there is also a need for development in the energy sector, which must create more megawatts to power the growth. Supporting industrialization is the first phase of Wonda World's Petronia development, which will eventually serve as a mixed-use hub for the oil industry and other industrial companies.

These industrial skills can be used in development projects as well, even within the city. Sea defense is becoming a much-discussed topic thanks to new beachfront developments such as the Ritz Carlton Hotel and apartment buildings. New life in that area could likely lead to the building of a marina, which would be the first of its kind in all of West Africa.



Learn more about Wonda World’s residential and mixed-use projects, including the latest up-and-coming developments in Accra’s most desirable neighborhoods.

Wonda World is consistently at the forefront of the future of town planning in Accra while bringing in world-class international service operators to provide the best possible living experience for all residents and guests.