Designed by Christina Rocha, one of Portugal's leading architectural specialists, the Belgravia Townhouses transport residents to a completely different place and time. Each of the eight sleek, white townhouses is impeccably crafted with a total area exceeding 2050 square meters. Every unit consists of a detached terrace apartment that fully embodies the future of modern architecture. Full wall panels of glass integrate the indoors with the outdoors while maximizing natural light. Convenience is at the heart of home here, with carports built directly into the townhouses.

Each townhouse features four bedrooms and a third-floor pent suite in addition to ample open living space. The development’s state-of-the-art facilities include a guardhouse as well as several community features such as a swimming pool, barbecye bar, and start-of-the-art gym. Two rows of townhouses facing each other are connected by a community building. In the center is a beautifully landscaped courtyard, anchored by a pristine swimming pool at the far end of the development.

The tree-lined perimeter of these light-filled townhouses is a welcome respite in the heart of the plush Airport Residential Area. This gated property offers the perfect combination of privacy and convenience for expatriates, young professionals, and families alike.

The Belgravia Townhouses are located just off Senchi Street in the airport residential area. The neighborhood is quiet but still maintains proximity to city centre. In addition to many planned apartment buildings, the area is home to many embassies and international NGOs.

Belgravia offers a modern, upscale alternative to the traditional low-rise apartment buildings that are common in the airport residential area. The community is close to the Brazilian embassy, restaurants, and shopping centers, including a Woolworth’s department store.

Each townhouse building includes three suites on the first floor plus an additional master suite on the second floor for maximum privacy. The open concept layout is perfect for entertaining, and the large windows allow beautiful natural light to filter through the space while still allowing for plenty of seclusion.

Upstairs, the master suite includes a dressing room plus an attractive bathroom with a glass shower to emulate the transparency of the rest of the building. This perfectly curated development is one of the finest residential opportunities available in all of Accra.