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Work at Wonda World Estates

Wonda World employs the most skilled workers from around the world. With a team comprised of high-performing individuals from both abroad and within Ghana, Wonda World truly values diverse perspectives and innovative thinking. 

What is the common thread amongst the entire team? A shared passion for creating cutting-edge solutions for building a new Africa—within Ghana and beyond.

Wonda World’s team includes top-notch professionals from a wide range of industries, including project management, marketing and sales, finance, human resources, business development, and architecture. 

Why Work at Wonda World?

Perhaps the greatest hallmark of working at Wonda World is the infectious enthusiasm of each staff member. Together the staff creates unparalleled results that deliver successful outcomes and poise the firm as a cutting-edge leader. The entire team contributes to establishing a recognizable brand that is dedicated to creating a framework for future African cities.

In addition to a creative, challenging work environment, Wonda World employees also receive the following benefits:

  • Competitive salary
  • Attractive remuneration packages
  • Excellent work environment in modern offices
  • All the tools needed to get the job done
  • Management support every step of the way


About Wonda World

Wonda World has been changing Ghana's skyline for 15 years. Responsible for the city’s now-iconic curved roof homes of Trasacco Valley, the firm has aggressively added breakthrough residential, commercial, and mixed-use developments throughout the nation. Wonda World is poised for growth with new projects slated to revolutionize West Africa's industrial, hospitality, and national infrastructure sectors.

With renewed interest in Ghanaian oil exploration, Wonda World also plans to lead in proper city planning to support these efforts while simultaneously growing local infrastructure and promoting energy efficiency. It's no surprise that Wonda World is one of Ghana's fastest growing companies within the property development industry.

Wonda World Estates is on the path to revolutionizing Ghana and the continent. Become a part of this progressive team and contribute to exciting real estate development projects every day. It’s never just another day at the office at Wonda World.

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