Investor Information

Investing in Africa’s Future Today

Wonda World is one of West Africa's leading real estate development firms, offering investors a wide variety of exclusive investment opportunities. Wonda World specializes in luxury residential, commercial, and mixed-use communities in the most sought-after neighborhoods throughout Ghana. We have a very diverse portfolio. Landmark projects include elegant high-rise apartment buildings, contemporary residential towers, and modern detached townhomes—all outfitted with high-end, on-site amenities to attract a diverse clientele.

One future project is the Beach Front, Ghana’s first mixed-use development facing the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to residential, office, and retail space, the property will include recreational facilities and a hotel: Wonda World’s first foray into the hospitality market. With partnerships with the Ritz Carlton and Marriott already underway, a new marina could also be on the horizon, making Ghana the first West African country with this type of infrastructure.

The firm is also responsible for Petronia City, an ambitious city designed to meet the demand of multinational and indigenous organizations in to Ghana. Petronia City fulfills all its residents' needs in a single planned community that includes villas, apartments, hotels, mini malls,clinics and commercial strips.

Wonda World continually seeks opportunities to create a lasting impact while maximizing returns. For more information on how to be a part of this revolutionary company, contact at +233 540 11 9999 or email:

Why Invest in Wonda World?

Wonda World began with the mission to fill a void in Ghana's housing market, where smaller units for young professionals and expatriates were lacking. Since then, the firm has grown to be one of West Africa's leading property development companies, focusing on breakthrough multi-use developments of all sizes for all income levels. 

Market Need

With plenty of large houses and apartments, Accra has historically lacked smaller living arrangements for professionals without families. Wonda World also builds larger upscale properties appropriate for families seeking an inclusive, one-of-a-kind living experience.

The Best Locations

Wonda World vets each development location to make sure it is in a desirable, growth-oriented neighborhood.

Research and Due Diligence

Market research and feasibility studies confirm the anticipated success of each project, from determining the size of the community to balancing the mix of residential and retail space.