Corporate Relations

Land Acquisition/ Joint Venture Partnerships

Acquiring land and properties for development is a key factor in WondaWorld’s growth strategy, and as a privately owned and funded company, we have a distinct advantage; if the project makes commercial sense, nobody can get the deal done quicker than WondaWorld.

We are constantly on the lookout for residential/Commercial-led development opportunities either by way of outright purchase or joint venture. Nothing is too small or large to be considered, therefore if you have details of anything that may be of interest please contact us on +233 540 11 9999 or

Social Responsibility

As an organization in the business of construction, re-development and regeneration, we are acutely aware of the impact we have on the environment, on communities and on people – so we take our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) duties very seriously indeed.

Those duties commence when we choose the sites that we wish to build on – and we take the greatest care to ensure that our proposed developments will measurably enrich the landscapes in which they will be built. We bear in mind environmental factors in relation to eco-systems, wildlife, green areas and biodiversity; we also consider the impact our proposed developments will have on people, communities, infrastructures, transport and other matters.

Only when we are satisfied that we can measurably benefit the places in which we build (to a standard that conforms to our rigorous CSR policies) do we proceed with acquisition and subsequent development. At all stages of planning, construction and completion, we liaise with local authorities, local people and local groups to ensure that we are achieving results that are both acceptable and welcomed by local communities.

We also take great care to ensure that our buildings are energy-efficient and with a low carbon footprint - and we welcome all input from our clients, the public and authorized bodies that helps us to better achieve our CSR goals.

Through New Africa Foundation, the groups CSR wing; we ensure that we build ethically, responsibly and in an environmentally aware manner, whilst using products and processes that are also ethical and sustainable. In addition, New Africa Foundation ensures we contribute positively to the localities in which we build, giving back to the community in order to enrich the lives of local people and create rewarding legacies for the future.