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About us

About Wonda World Estates

Mixing African culture with Western amenities.

For the last 15 years, the Wonda World team has climbed its way to become a market leader in commercial and residential real estate development throughout Ghana and West Africa. Guided by the passion and commitment of founder and CEO Nana Kwame Bediako, the firm continues to transform the region's skyline. With a mission to create a New Africa by adding value and stability to local communities, Wonda World has become a pioneer of real estate development in Ghana and beyond.

As a full-service developer, Wonda World recruits experts from around the world to complete all stages of development, including architecture, engineering, and construction.

While every project is unique, Wonda World builds each one on the same foundation of beliefs:

Maximization:Use space more efficiently to maximize land usage, create more apartments, and better develop land plots in a nontraditional fashion.

Utilization: Create mixed-use spaces that integrate residential, commercial, and recreational developments.

Categorization: Build and customize developments to fit the specific needs of the target population.

Income Development: Generate wealth within Africa to grow economic resources and stability.


In addition to these guiding principles, Wonda World focuses on four sectors of development:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • National


Who we are

Wonda World’s Unique Vision

Wonda World Estates leads as a development pioneer for town planning and urban development throughout Ghana. The firm consistently maintains a multi-project focus by targeting the best locations in Ghana while simultaneously creating new up-and-coming areas. The firm recruits expert developers from the West to assist the team in creating a better master plan and increasing Wonda World's value.

Each project spearheaded by Wonda World offers a lifestyle brand that attracts a specific consumer base. From lower,middle and upper class Ghanaians to expatriates, Wonda World knows that people don’t just buy homes anymore—they buy a brand. That’s why every detail down to the towels in the bathroom is planned and executed with a thoughtful strategy in mind.

A Growing Economy in Ghana and Beyond

Wonda World looks at national growth to identify economic deficits and improve those areas with accommodations, including commercial and residential real estate. The firm seeks to grow Ghana’s infrastructure in preparation for the country’s ongoing economic growth. Government figures estimate a minimum 9% growth through 2017 and beyond. Construction cranes are ever-present throughout the capital city of Accra, heralding new commercial developments such as shopping malls, high-rise office complexes, and luxury apartments.

Wonda World stands as a leader in this boom, with each development project pushing the envelope to create a new standard for the competition—for example, Wonda World is responsible for  the first building in the country to offer retail, residential, and underground parking all in one complex. At the helm of the nation’s first beachfront development with the potential for the only marina in West Africa, Wonda World Estates is a strategic trendsetter looking to change the future through new economic and development platforms.

At the beginning of each project, Wonda World conducts research to ensure its feasibility, from soil tests to traffic impact studies.  This ensures the firm can create a lifestyle for residents,with buildings that are perfectly tailored to suit the target audience.The dynamic team is flexible, adapting as needed to ensure all decisions are relevant and forward-thinking.

The Passion and Drive for Change

Successful projects come from the passion behind them. Wonda World’s team has the drive and dedication to fully execute lucrative developments that are changing the face of Ghana. The firm breaks barriers time and again with projects like the first beachfront resort with hundreds of hotel rooms and executive apartments. The dream of a New Africa is finally turning into a reality with Wonda World Estates.

Our History

Wonda World Estates began as a side project for founder and CEO Nana Kwame Bediako. The firm initially focused on maximizing land usage by building two houses on one plot. Nana Kwame lived in one house while the other was being built, then sold the first and moved to the second one. That same strategy of maximization has led to the creation of hundreds of homes in the country, solidifying Wonda World's role as one of West Africa's best urban planning firms.
What was once two houses is now a building output of 200 units every 18 months. In fact, the company has created a trademark of recognizable buildings in Accra’s best neighborhoods and is currently preparing an additional 1,000 homes in the public sector. Wonda World's history is based on the belief that quality must be guaranteed, and that the vision we build is better than the picture we draw.
Each of Wonda World's developments is a game changer. From changing the nation's skyline to utilizing cutting-edge technology to maximize space beyond anyone's wildest imagination, Wonda World creates a lifestyle that everybody wants to to follow.
Recognizing the need for additional real estate opportunities in Ghana’s market, Wonda World broke ground on Avenue Lincoln in 2013. This landmark project set the standard for gated communities in Accra and became the country's first multipurpose townhouse community. State-of-the-art facilities and ample security allow for a diverse array of tenants; Avenue Lincoln houses, offices, apartments, and townhouses all within a single community. This innovation led to Avenue Lincoln becoming a national landmark within Ghana.
Another hallmark development was Kwarleyz Apartments, which adhered to the same set of standards as high-end buildings but targeted young professionals and expats of all income levels looking for smaller apartments. Next, came The Vynyard, a secluded apartment building with a museum-like atmosphere ideal for all residents, whether they be roommates, older couples, or growing families.
Wonda World moved its focus toward utilization with the creation of No. 1 Oxford Street. This mixed-use development fully integrated both residential and commercial spaces in Accra’s prime location, the thriving metropolis of Osu. Though plenty of shopping and dining opportunities are nearby, residents can find the same quality experiences right in their own building.
Looking forward, Wonda World plans to further revolutionize Ghana’s real estate market by building Ritz Carlton's First Beach Front ,a  mixed-use space. The development will include 400 residential units, 400 hotel rooms, retail stores, office spaces, and recreational centers. This scale of investment will likely result in the nation's largest resort, which will ultimately attract investors for a new marina. This is a significant project for all of West Africa, the potential for developing a marina at Beach Front would signify a new vision of investment and sea defense, being  the first of its kind in all of West Africa.
The company's innovation continues with West Africa's first office building connected to an apartment building, which will be called Double W. The development will boast of over 20 exclusive apartments, over 5,000 square meters of commerical space, a helipad, world class swimming pool amongst other ammenities.
Wonda World’s future doesn’t stop at the ocean. The firm also has plans to enter the national and industrial development sectors. In doing so, Wonda World will revolutionize Ghana and the continent.

Management Team

Nana Kwame Bediako

Founder and CEO

Darren Brown

Head of Project & Business Development

Branco Cavaleiro

Principal Architect

Sir David Adjaye

Consulting Architect

Goncalo Lopes

Civil Engineer

Mame Kosi Erzuah

Head of HR

Vision, Mission and Values

Every company has a strategic purpose at the core of its activities, defining its goals and modes of operation. Wonda World’s vision, mission, and values stand together as the core foundation of what makes the company great and sets it apart from the competition. This focus on intention delivers lucrative results; creating a company and country that reflect these beliefs.

Wonda World’s Vision

Wonda World aims to create jobs and wealth for Africa while building a framework for future cities, communities, and public housing developments throughout the continent. They will do so through proper urban planning, practical infrastructure, and energy efficiency.

Wonda World’s Mission

For 15 years, Wonda World has created a branded lifestyle through residential, commercial, industrial, and national development projects. Using a mix of African culture and Western amenities, the firm guides each project with the following three principles:

Maximization: Use space more efficiently to maximize land usage, create more apartments, and better develop land plots in a nontraditional fashion.

Utilization: Create mixed-use spaces integrating residential, commercial, and recreational developments that provide sought-after living communities for all income levels.

Categorization: Build and customize developments to specifically fit the needs of the target population through in-demand housing, amenities, and retail outlets.

How Wonda World Adds Value

Wonda World is a pioneer in Western Africa's commercial development industry utilizing diverse talents from top professionals in Ghana and worldwide. The firm operates on the belief that a luxury lifestyle should be made available to all socioeconomic classes. Wonda World creates both housing and job opportunities to lead by example in creating a new Africa.

Rather than following the pack, Wonda World sets the bar for cutting-edge and exciting projects that challenge the status quo and position Ghana as a nation of innovation and leader throughout Africa. With commercial development at an all-time high throughout the area, Wonda World delivers breakthrough projects time after time.